April 16, 2009

vertov and nature docs

"We therefore take as the point of departure the use of the camera as a kino-eye, more perfect than the human eye, for the exploration of the chaos of visual phenomena that fills space."
"Kino-eye plunges into the seeming chaos of life to find in life itself the response to an assigned theme."
"How is the ordinary, naked eye to make sense of this visual chaos of fleeting life?"
Vertov was primarily interested in revealing social/political/economic realities; but other realities can still be explored. Although it is possible to read Vertov's philosophies into natural documentaries, as far as I know nobody has explicitly taken the kino-eye method into the natural realm.

This documentary would be highly formal. Its focus is on visual/aural observation; importantly, it has no non-diegetic sound (voice-overs/narrators, music, etc.). It uses technique -- like montage -- to discover underlying principles behind the "chaos" of natural life. Not only the natural world -- there's a lot to be revealed about humanity's relation to the natural world. And probably some poetry, too.

Don't have enough time now, but I would like to explore this idea in the future.

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