April 18, 2009

johann the coffin maker

[I need to be working instead of goofing off, but wanted to post about a film I haven't seen as in p_rouge and gaston; a film I have not seen, nor will ever see.]

Johann the Coffin Maker (1929)

Brian Taves writes:
"Having received an order for a child's coffin on Christmas Eve, old Johann induces a few of the dead to return from their graves. He offers a bottle of wine to a murderous Apache, a soldier, and a prostitute, asking them to relate how they met their deaths. When they return to their homes beneath the sod, the coffin maker hears a knock at the door. It is his own bride -- Death. Together they climb into a casket he built for himself. And he closes down the lid."
As a passionate lover of Florey's surviving shorts, my imagination riots with this description. But the best I can do is cross this

with this

Inadequate. This might require dramatic action, if my curiosity is to be satisfied.

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