August 18, 2010


I leave for Japan tomorrow. I have three months to find a job. The inquisitive reader will ask why I have chosen to search for work abroad rather than at home; to answer that, I shall echo Montaigne:
When people ask why I go on my travels I usually reply that I know what I am escaping from but not what I am looking for.
To those of you wondering if I will blog my experience: I do not know.

August 01, 2010

July 10 favorites update for Aug

Upon making this post of the films I watched last month, I discovered I saw only 5 movies and felt no desire to list any of them. I apologize to those who come to my blog for those outstanding recommendations and beautiful screencaps.

But the worse news is that these monthly film posts will be no more. As my situation will radically change this month, this blog will change as well. I have not decided how it will change yet. It may become dead space, or I may be energetic enough to blog prolifically. Such changes are in the future, of course, so I cannot give you accurate predictions.

But ahoy! adventures lie ahead. I need to be preparing for them rather than relaxing in this little blog.