November 11, 2009

melody of the world (1929)

What are you doing, Bernard Shaw?

"I beg your pardon, sir."
I suppose so great a wit can commit himself to celluloid however he pleases.

Also, for Josh --

Classy slaughterhouse, 1929 style.

update: G.B. Shaw Eclipse set to come in Feb., with an old favorite, Major Barbara. THANK YOU, CRITERION.


Daniel Suarez said...

What's Major Barbara like? It looks interesting.

Ian said...

Major Barbara is tough to describe, unless you are familiar with the play. There is so much to it.

I'm not sure it's your type of movie though, but you still might like it. (You like Wendy Hiller, right? If so, worth watching for her!)

Daniel Suarez said...

Hmmm, okay. :)