October 01, 2008

Lonesome and Rhythm

A section from Lonesome (1928), directed by Paul Fejos:

I wish Fejos's The Last Moment (1928) were still around. That would have been a marvelous study of visual rhythm.


Lauren said...

DO post vids and 'caps till words come back to you but tell me, how kickass is Lonesome? I shall be seeing it this weekend. Good thing it's getting a second week. ;) Why is Wings still playing after a year?

Ian said...

There are many awesome surprises in Lonesome, and the story is essentially visual, which makes the intertitles and brief talkie scenes (eh...) all the more annoying in the way they disrupt the film's rhythm.

So... Lonesome is all sorts of cool! I am glad it is still playing--shall I accompany you to the show? I could use another screening. [Something I am not quite able to give to Wings. *snob*] What time were you planning on seeing it?